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Washing Machine

Almost all machines needs a regular checkup. But Washing Machine is the one that need checkup more often. Don’t let your machines to be repaired by unprofessional technicians 

Microwave/Oven Repair

Looking for someone to repair your Oven? We can definitely help you in doing that. Microwave are on the electronic machines that are used on a daily basis. And it can be quite difficult for you to got out it repaired in your busy schedule. 

Air Conditioners

Whether it be Summers and Winters ACs manage our room temperatures the whole year. Don’t you think that the machine that works the whole year doesn’t needs a maintenance check? 


Refrigerator or simply Fridges are our savior in summers. Without proper maintenance and servicing your savior can himself get into trouble. Get a free quote with us. 


Dishwashers are mess when it comes to repairing them. They are heavy piece of Iron and it takes a lot of hard work to move them.


LED/LCD TVs are getting bigger and bigger in size. And people find it very hard to get them repaired in case they are having some problems. 

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